What about soap?

Soap, one of the most misunderstood creations on the planet. Do you use homemade or natural soaps? Whatever is on sale at the big box store? Did you know that many bath bars you buy in stores are not much more than chemical detergents and can’t be even classified as soap?

Soap and subsequently the production of frightens some people. Why? in a word, LYE! Yes all homemade and true soaps require lye, because with out this caustic soda, soap would never form. I started my soaping back in 2001, a month or so before Christmas when I thought, “Hey, I can do that!” Well, believe it or not, that first batch of hand stirred soap turned out and I was hooked. I made several batches over the course of several months. Some I was able to sell to friends and family, and some was given as gifts. I sold some on the internet, and even started a website without much success. I guess I didn’t know much about marketing soap back then, because I didn’t make that much money. Come to think of it, I haven’t made a ton of it lately.

Fast forward to the Summer of 2016, and I see a video on YouTube about making soap. Combine that with the extended family deciding to do a “homemade” Christmas and soap was on the menu again. Granted I hadn’t made true soap in almost 13 years, but the process and concepts weren’t that hard to rediscover. Add some oils and lye to the list for the next time we were shopping for grocery staples and it would be time to give it another go. Armed with an immersion blender and a digital scale I went about making my first batch.

The first batch was a nice unscented oatmeal soap. This one of your tried and true, very cleansing, bubbly soaps. Of course that was followed by Lavender, Tea Tree, Anise, Rosemary mint, Patchouli, Root Beer Float, Dreamcicle, and several others. I had actually made enough soaps to have some for Christmas and then some. The wife and I got ourselves signed up for a couple craft fairs and along with one of our other homemade items, had a pretty decent success peddling our wares.

We actually sold enough soap, that I actually had to make 3 additional batches, so that I would have cured soap ready for a Christmas Market. By the last time I was making the last three batches of soap, I had played with my oil mixture enough to find my new basic recipe for about 90% of any soaps I will make. I’m not gonna give you my recipe, but olive, coconut, avocado, and grapeseed oils are a big portion of what I am using with goatsmilk for my soaps.

I have thought about adding them to my Etsy store, and I will. But as of right now, I am content with my festivals, repeat customers, and word of mouth.

Interested in soaps? Send me a message and I’ll get back to you.