Week #3: New-ish Chicks

This past weekend marks week three for my chicks. The two Red Ranger chicks are getting even bigger are completely feathered out. I had planned moving them out to my chicken tractor to use as a grow-out pen, but with the recent severe rains and wind, we did not feel that it would be safe. They did spend most of this past Saturday outside exploring that area.
All but one of the other chicks are also growing rapidly and feathering nicely. One little barred rock chick is still very downy and has not yet feathered much more than her little wings and tail. This little one is also still quite small in comparison to the others. I am quite sure that she will come into her own, but for now, she is still hanging onto the cute chick factor.
I am still filling the feeders twice a day, once in the morning and again just before I head to bed. The waterers are getting filled three times a day. I fill them in the morning, find them half full and littered with shavings when I get home from work, and then they are scrubbed and refilled before bed. I have also been adding a small amount of apple cider vinegar to the water. The apparent health effects are still being researched, but they seem to drink it, the same, if not better than regular water.
Raising our own birds from chicks has been a great experience. With our last batch, we learned each chicken’s behaviors and subtle differences. It also reinforced our relationship with the birds and make sure we did everything possible to insure their safety and happiness. This is also why we pushed forward with our fencing and expanded they chicken yard. Stay tuned !