Week #1 Chick Updates:

Last week’s additions to the homestead are doing great. These are some of the most amusing birds that I have ever had before. The largest act all skittish when you get close, then charge at you with wings flapping. Really amusing. We have had an issue with pasty butt with two of the chicks and that has been trying to say the least, but for now it seems to have gotten better.
For those of you who have never had chicks, or at least have not ever had the experience of one with pasty butt, it increases your daily time commitment to your birds slightly. Pasty butt is where a chick gets stressed and fails to defecate completely and some of their droppings adheres to the birds vent and feathers, in some cases effectively sealing the vent. Unchecked or corrected, this will most definitely kill the bird. Pasty butt can be linked to several things, but in most cases, it is due to travel stress or lack of water.
I am pretty sure they possibly had issues with pasty butt when we got them. These two chicks had crusty poop on their bottoms when we got them home, and it has been a twice daily routine to make sure their vents are clear and to soften and work the remaining droppings from their fluff. They are almost clear now.
Friday, we added 4 more chicks to our brood. I am aware that many people are of the mind you don’t mix ages of birds, however, we opened the side of the brooder into a secondary larger space and it definitely gave all the birds more space. We haven’t had any issues where the new chicks are being picked on, pecked, or even trampled. The two each of Barred Rocks, and Rhode Island Reds seem to actually be bossing the older birds around a bit.
Every time we get new birds, young or more mature, is an enjoyable experience for us here on the homestead. Each chicken develops its own personality and believe it or not over time you can tell even the most identical birds apart. Have you purchased chicks this spring? Do you have plans on doing so?