Update, Craft Sale, and more !

Busy times on the homestead.  It’s been a little while since we’ve posted, but we have been hard at work.  First off, after we finished fencing the run, we were able to integrate the baby chicks in with the older birds.  Surprisingly, this went off without a hitch.  As the birds get bigger, we will be working on expanding or changing the roost setup.

The bulk of our time, outside work and tending to animals, has been spent with our homestead crafts getting ready for upcoming events.  Yesterday, we spent the morning and early afternoon in Rutledge, Georgia at their 34th annual County Fair.  Boy was it a hot day!  Although, as hot as it was, it was an excellent day.  We set up our craft booth with our wares and met a lot of wonderful people.  There were vendors from all over the area with a multitude of items and handmade crafts.  It truly is amazing that so many people take so much pride in their products.

On top of having an extremely successful day selling soaps and feed sack totes, the day proved to be a wonderful networking experience as well.  The group that sponsored the event is wanting us to stop by and put some of our items in their shop on consignment.  I feel that this is not only due to selling a tote to the right person, but excellent customer service.

During the breaks that I took to look at other booths, I overheard several vendors complaining about how few people were here and it was such a waste of time.  Now, I have never been to an event where I did not sell something, but I am sure it will happen eventually.  But, I have never allowed myself to be bothered with slow selling or customer flow at the event.  Even afterward, I use the experience to evaluate my attempt and change our setup for the next time.  If your potential customers hear you being negative, will they really want to stop in and see your product?

We made an attempt to encourage every customer that walked by to stop in and say hello at the least.  We made our booth setup a walk-in and browse experience instead of tables lined up against the sidewalk.  This allowed them to get some shade for a few minutes if nothing else.  We said good morning or good afternoon to everyone that passed as well as smiled.  It was a good day.

Although it would have been great to completely sell out at this festival, it was nice to have remaining product.  I now have something to put in at the “Caboose,” if that works out.  Today, I was also able to put bags and soap at a new business opening here in Lexington.  The Rowdy Rooster will be a general store type mercantile that opens next week.  It is featuring local grown and made products, as well as products from around the state.  If these two endeavors pan out, it will free up some time going to shows and allow us to let others sell our products. That’s a win/win in my book!

See Pictures of our booth at the fair!

This will definitely give me a little bit more time to focus on the property and hopefully some passive income to help with several projects we have on the calendar.  We do have a few events coming up in the next few months that may net a couple more locations to put products, and of course we do have to work on product replenishment.  Who know what may come next, but I’m sure it will be exciting!