Sick Chicken

We have discovered a sick chicken. Our Silver-Lace Wyandotte has become very lethargic and having loose mustard yellow poops. I have her separated from the other hens now and I have gotten very worried about her. She lays in the yard now instead of running about like the rest. She pecks a bit when she stand up, but her stamina seems lacking and she lays back down.

From what I am reading on the internet, she could be suffering from many ailments, but the most probable is E. Coli. The most common treatment for this is a pro-biotic therapy along with yogurt. Hopefully tomorrow I will get her started and see how it goes. I really hate to cull a bird, but if she doesn’t show any signs of recovery after a few days, I may have to euthanize her.

Have you ever had sick birds? What was your experience? What was the outcome?