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Life can be seen as a series of events throughout time that mold you as a person. Some of these events, solidify your focus, whilst some soften your perspective on the world around you. This blog is my attempt at documenting and sharing these events as my family works toward financial freedom and being as self sufficient as possible. Our little homestead is a semi rural parcel of land that we are trying to make the best use of to achieve our goals of ultimately leaving to the daily hustle and bustle, and enter the realm of full time homesteading. Our long term goal of moving to the mountains of Idaho and not having to rely on a daily 9 to 5 to make a living is staring back at us on a daily basis. As of right now, we have started generating a small amount of supplemental income with farm fresh eggs, luxurious homemade soaps, and up-cycled products such as feed bag totes.

From time to time links to products that we use, find interesting, or are considering for purchase will appear in our blog.
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