Rain on the homestead

Today, it rained. When I say it rained, I mean it poured for at least 2 hours, and sprinkled for many more after that.  Having to commute back from work in this rain was dreadful, but I am very thankful that we are finally getting a regular amount of rain.  This downpour, although very substantial, came at a rate that did not immediately wash away soil or the like.  This combined that the temperatures haven’t gotten warm enough for excessive evaporation since the last rain made sure that much of the moisture was absorbed rathich wher than rolling off of hard dry soil.

This is a great plus for my spring planting preparations.  I have been able to refill my two water tanks giving me around 600 gallons of fresh water with which I will be able to offset most any need for using a municipal water supply.  I now consider myself ahead of the curve for my upcoming seed sprouting.

Downspout diverters are instrumental for this collection. Previously, I had actually cut, modified and redirected my down spout into my water contianers. With the diverters, I can direct the water into the containers until they are full and then the flow off the roof will travel in its normal path.  This system also allows for refilling when the level in the tanks  drop.

I have in the past just used a hose attached to the ball valve on the front of the tank and gravity pressure to deliver the water to my garden plot.  This year I am hoping to install a 12 volt inline water pump to this system to allow for more volume.  I also have an idea that I am hoping to develop with a pressure tank and a drip system for a more constant low maintenance watering option.  Properly set up, this will reduce the amount of time the pump will run, and also provide my garden plants with steady drink.

And what of other involvements of water on the homestead?  The chickens put them selves to bed early. I am pleased to note that the clear corrugated plactic panels did well to keep an additional area of their run dry, except for a section where the rain pooled.  This was a small victory for me, and I hope to alleviate that issue with some well placed earth bags.  my compost pile got a good drink, and I am looking forward to giving it a good turning this weekend.

Just three more days of coming home from work after dark to get some much needed outside work completed. I need to get some general clean up done.  Several storms in the past little bit have left some dead fall branches to cut up and save for the fire pit.  I also would like to get the area around my fig tree cleared of briars and volunteer shoots, so that I will have a much easier time to collecting for my preserves.

Not just your full time and commercial farmers pray for rain.  Sometimes it seems to be a nuciance, but it definitely brings life back to the homested.