Pallets, oh pallets, what to do with all these pallets. It seems almost cliché to make things using pallet wood anymore. Pinterest is filled with projects, Facebook posts are filled with them, and every craft fair this side of the Atlantic Ocean has at least one vendor selling signs made with pallet wood.

Would it be great to make items and sell them for a profit? Of course, but I really think that they could be of more use. My compost bin is made of pallets, old ratty pallets. Its time to go ahead and build a new one. This time will be a little different. Instead of just standing them up and screwing them together, I am going to use metal T-posts driven into the ground as vertical supports. Spaced out to just the right distance, these will allow me to replace pallets easily when they get beat up or rotten.

One of more amazing things about pallets is the wide variety of materials from which they are made. Varied hardwoods such as oak and ash are complimented by softer woods such as pine, spruce, and poplar. I have even come across one that was probably basswood which fairly strong and light, but you’d never expect it be used in a pallet.

Dismantling these gems in the rough is as tough a task as you make. It’s a painstaking process to pry them apart, so I typically use a reciprocating saw to cut nails and a punch to remove the heads as to not damage my tablesaw blade. You can’t save all the boards, but the are typically very dry, which makes them a rather nice supplement to kindling.

Having a readily available source for them, allows me to experiment quite a bit, and I am sure the possibilities of potential uses are endless.