Not so tiny house

As I stated before, I really cannot imagine my wife, myself, and our 4 cats living in what would qualify as a Tiny house. The space required for cat boxes would be prohibitive. We have decided on a minimum and maximum space. The bare minimum we could see is about 500 square feet with a possible loft. The maximum we would like to build is around 850 square feet.

The minimum being roughly twice the size of your “typical” tiny house and the max adding half again as much. Again, our concept is to reduce the home space to the max we would possibly need. It makes absolutely no sense to build a super small dwelling and then build add ons to create more space. We don’t need a formal dining room, or more than one bedroom, but we’d like to have our home to have a full bath for our bedroom and another half bath.

We have purchased plans for a really neat 688 square foot gambrel roofed two-story home. It has the bedroom and a full bath (with a tub!) upstairs and the kitchen living space with an additional 1/2 bath downstairs. This home is blueprinted with all the necessary code requirements for a permanent structure, but is designed on skids, so that it can be built and then relocated to its final destination. This probably isn’t a huge thing for most people, but I really like the concept.

This would allow for the structure to be constructed while the footers are being dug, poured, and allowed to cure. The house could then be ramped up on the footers and secured. The ultimate details of our actual house are still in the conceptual design phase, but we are learning to compromise on what we want. One of these things is furniture. After the wife saw my night stand, and then looked online, she is perfectly fine with inexpensively built, but beautiful pieces. She is also very interested in with the concept of semi-built in furniture to add storage space.

Storage space is at a premium in any most any realistic home, and that shrinks with the size of the home. I am hoping to use as much interior furniture space for something. Our homecrafts take up a considerable space in just materials and tools. We will have to consider having an extra structure to house my woodshop. This will surely house much of our crafting as well, but the sewing machind and yarn works really need to stay in the home. I really see the extra building being a barn with dedicated space for tools.

Will this come to fruition? Only time will tell.

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