No Boyz Allowed and Additional Hens

After it was apparent that we had two roosters with our ladies, we realized that we really needed to re-home them. The boys were mean. We placed an ad on craigslist and soon had a couple that needed a new rooster for their flock. Not only did they take one, but actually liked both. With the roos gone, we were down to 4 hens and a very large space for them to roam. As with any endeavor, you tend to expand. We followed up on ad for chickens and came home with 3 additional hens that were already laying…Eggses!

With a flock of now 7 chickens, we had 4 Reds, a Brahma, and two wyandotte mixes. One of my new chickens is an Easter egger mix and lays green eggs. Now, what do you do when you get more chickens, and still think your chicken area is still big enough? Git mor chikins! We stopped at the feed and seed one day and came home with 6 chicks. We purchased 2 each of barred rock, buffs, and Americaunas. We also visited a local chicken raiser and got a couple silkie mutts to add to the brooder.

Brooding chickens was yet another unknown for us, and we learned a lot about our birds. Baby chicks are cute, as they get older, not so much. The fluffy down was soon replaced with feathers, and boy are they messy. Cleaning and refilling water bottles at least twice a day and changing out shavings every 4-5 days can get to be a chore, but it was a worthwhile experience as soon as they were old enough to go outside. We re-purposed our chicken tractor yet again, and attached a small salvage wood constructed coop box on one end. Chicken wire was removed in one section and a door was framed in so that we could clean out the area and tend to the young chickens easier.

As with all things, chickens get older too… and soon it was time to introduce them to the flock.