New bird introduced

This past weekend, we made our introductions of our Christmas baby and the rest of the flock. Early Saturday morning, the new bird was put into our swing set chicken tractor with plenty of fresh water and feed. Our existing flock was most definitely intrigued by the sounds of the new arrival.
At first, the new bird was very skittish and ran all around the inside of the tractor, bouncing off the wire. She slowly adjusted to her surroundings, exploring her new area and the mini coop. After taking a break in our chores, we found her resting on the roost in the coop.
Once she got used to being outside, we let the other chickens out of their run into the yard, and closed the little bird in the large run.
It was rather amusing to see her running, flying and jumping all about. As the day wore on we opened up the run so the other birds could come back and coop themselves. We added the little bird onto the roost and shut them up for the night.
Sunday morning found all the birds ready to come out and I think the little bird has bonded with one of the older hens and they stuck together most of the day. All in all, I think we have had good success with the new bird. Some would say we should put birds of such varying ages together, but I would like to think my birds behave better than others.

With the baby moved outdoors and our brooding setup cleaned up, we are ready for some new chicks in March.