More Chickens?

Yes, more chickens. As our chickens laid more and more eggs, we had to find a way to utilize them. You can only eat so many eggs a day right? Several people at our day time job ( yes we have jobs, not full time homesteading yet) were very interested in fresh eggs. It is very common place now to find people more concerned with where their food comes from. It is actually quite refreshing to think about that concept, because most people don’t consider anything beyond the grocer’s shelves.

One of our egg customers put us in contact with a friend that was shrinking his flock due to space and we came home with another 6 hens. These birds were about a year old at the time and steady layers, but they would lay anywhere, so we decided to purchase ceramic nest eggs to entice them to lay where we wanted. With this new batch we added 2 more green eggers and a really pretty light blue.

Did our additions end there? of course not! Another friend considers us a chicken rescue and we ended up picking up 7 more chickens at dusk… all supposed to be young hens. Nope, we ended up with 2 bantam hens, a bantam RIR rooster, and 4 decorative roosters.

So at this point we had 19 chickens with 14 hens and 5 roosters. Before you ask, yes we are rooster heavy for any flock, but the hens are bigger than the roosters and do a real good job of keeping them in check. The new roosters are duke’s mixture of polish/top-hat and other breeds. We have seriously considered a stew pot for a couple, but I really think they are much to pretty to bring myself to harvesting them for meat. For now, they are behaving and do a good job looking after the ladies.