Introducing a new bird to the flock.

We spent part of the day moving our chicken tractor closer to the chicken run. Within the next couple weeks we will be moving our little Christmas chick outside! Many people have different opinions on how to introduce birds to the flock. We have done it several times now, and I’d say the best method that we did was using our little tractor as a temporary pen/coop.

When we brooded 8 birds last February, we really wanted to reduce the chances that our existing flock would injure the new birds. So we moved the chicken tractor and constructed a small coop on the end. This was nothing fancy. We just broke down some pallets, created a crate, and then covered it with pallet boards. A couple pieces of left over plywood made a roof, which we covered with pieces of left over shingles. We used a couple stair spindles left over from a deck project for roosts and we had ourselves our very own attached mini coop.

This setup allowed for both groups of chickens to get accustomed to each other without being in super close proximity. Most people do this to reduce cross contamination if one group carries a sickness. I personally think it lets the new birds acclimate to both the new environment and the other chickens.

Moving the tractor put it over fresh greens for the baby, and a spraying of sanitizer to disinfect the coop. Our extra waterers and feed pans will be washed and made ready for the new bird as well. With this all done, we will be ready for the little one to go outside.

Once we move him out, a similar process will be done to our brooder box, and hopefully I will be able to convince wifey that we need to get some baby chicks and grow again.

Crossing fingers on that one!