Wow! What a day of blogging. But at least now I’m caught up to present day, and yes I am still working on that closet. I last spoke about moving on to a night stand. My night stand is damaged. The drawer slides and catches are damaged and you have to hold the drawer up when you have to get anything out. Its also pretty beat up and the cats have really done a number on it with their claws, Whilst going through it, I realized that it was mostly a catch all for anything I had in my pockets after work and anything in my possession when I went to bed.

Cleaning it out gives me a couple options. One, I have a freshly cleared out space… time to put more stuff in it… no, that’s not right. Get rid of the night stand and make a simple, yet sturdy piece to replace it… with a lot less space to collect stuff.

I constructed this with only two prime grade 2x4s and a hand full of pocket screws. It still needs some sanding and a finish put on it, but it will serve its purpose well. Less than $10 dollars to replace a piece of furniture that probably cost well over $100 new. This one, with no drawers, will not harbor any bad behavior, and with a top that is much small smaller will only hold what is necessary. At least in theory.