Eggs…or as Smeagol would say eggses are a pretty tasty food. Fresh eggs in my opinion are even better. Ever since the chickens started laying, knock on wood, we haven’t ever been out of eggs. We haven’t even ever considered buying commercially produced eggs. Our chickens get a normal ration of layer feed, and some scratch daily but they always have a chance to get at bugs and what ever they else they can find.

It is common knowledge, or maybe uncommon myth, that chickens are the closest living relative to the dinosaurs. I believe it. They eat grass, crickets, worms, flies, mealy produce, and even the odd lizard. You haven’t laughed hard until you watch chickens playing keep away with a lizard. So what does this have to do with eggs? Hens lay eggs and as long as they get enough food, water, daylight and privacy they will all do it on a semi regular basis. Happy chickens lay better eggs. With the varied diet, happy chickens get exactly what they need to produce some of the best, most golden yolked eggs you could imagine. They taste better. Food stuffs made with them are richer, and baked goods seem fluffier.

I once read that commercial produced eggs can be almost two months old before hitting your grocery cart. Right now, as I am writing this, I have 9 dozen eggs in my fridge and the oldest dozen isn’t even 2 weeks old. We have found several things about fresh eggs. You do find an occasional blood spot…this is normal most of the time and happens from time to time with younger birds as their bodies mature. Fresh eggs are less runny. The white, or albumen, is much tighter to the yolk, and the yolk is much taller. One thing I have found though, is that slightly older eggs are easier to peel when boiled.