Eggs, and more eggs

So what is the number one benefit to having chickens?  Their sparkling personalities?  No, the wonderful globes of goodness called Eggs.  Once your flock grows above just a few birds, trust me it will, you will get a much larger number of eggs. Once my first four chickens started laying eggs, I was getting 2-4 eggs a day.  By the time I added the next 3 I was getting 5-6 eggs a day, and with the last addition I was getting 10-12 eggs a day.  Production has definitely been muted since the days have gotten shorter, but they have since started laying more.

I don’t know about you or your family, but we can only eat so many eggs.  We typically have a couple eggs each and will use some for cornbread or other baked goods.   We use them in casseroles and other dishes at well.  But we have found ourselves with an ever growing supply!  At present I have reduced that number to five dozen. This is because I have several co-workers who adore fresh eggs.  I also have family members who adore eggs, and neighbors who no longer buy eggs at the store.

What this now means for me, is that my neighbors have given me permission to collect fruit off of some of their trees in trade.  Family that gets eggs save produce scraps and come by to feed the chickens.  From time to time I find a bag of chicken feed on my porch. From the compliments and appreciation we have received for the eggs, everyone is impressed with not only the freshness of the eggs, but also the quality.

One of the other pluses is that everyone is saving egg cartons !  I was sure that I might have to resort to buying egg cartons to sell them, but I doubt I’ll ever have to buy them.  I actually have enough now that I am going to start using them for other things such as fire starters and crafts.

If you have chickens, what do you do with your surplus eggs?  Do you store them in the fridge?  Do you have other ways of using them up?