DIY Couch…

Cats…are heathens. They claw on things, puke on things, etc. But you have to love them and work with their quirks. One of the main quirks in our house is the claws. 

We have a couch that once was a beautiful piece of furniture. Whenever something got spilled on it, the steam cleaner came out and all was forgiven. But then it happened.

A cat, not naming names, cough cough Frodo… decided to make it a scratching post while we’re at work. Not only did it scratch it up a tad, but there was literally shreds of fabric on one end. What is one to do?  He of course thought he had improved the decor, and was quite proud of himself. 

I’ve always wanted to make furniture, decent quality, sturdy, usable furniture.  Now when I mention the concept for a homemade couch, I get that look. You know the raised eyebrow, look that you fellas need extra hands to count throughout a day with your wife?

Luckily, through the magic that is Youtube, my wife has actually requested that I construct a sofaesque piece to replace the cat toy couch. Of course I have to build it before we can get rid of the other, but she gave her blessing.

The most important aspect of this now is planning and design. I’d rather build something that will come apart fairly easily so that it can be moved. I’d like to add storage of some sort because I really dislike single purpose items. So the concept is inplace, but the designing has just begun.

Speaking of the old couch, I plan on dismantling it and stripping out anything that I can repurpose. Sofas tend to have a tremendous amount of items such as springs, plywood, and hardwood pieces that can be used for other things. I once “field stripped” a leather couch on the side of road to make covers for some hand stitched notebooks and a couple possible bags for blackpowder.

Possible design aspects I am looking at include divided under seat storage, a device charging center with storage, and the possibility of a sofa bed conversion. It’s just doodles for now, and as soon as it becomes wifey approved, the fun will begin.

More to come!

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