Chicken TV

Now that its winter here, we currently do not have that many outdoor activities. Gas heat means no firewood to cut, and there really is no grass to mow. I don’t have a winter garden set up or a greenhouse, so nothing going on there. So are we doing anything outside?

Well, with recent rains and storms, our chicken run had gotten a little soupy. So we set out with a little projects of raking up our leaves and moved them to the chicken run. This added a great deal of material to keep it from getting muddy, and it gives the chicken’s the added perk of activity. The ladies really love the leaves. They add bugs and other little edible bits.

Add a little scratch to the piles, and grab a lawn chair and you have at least a solid hour of some of the most hilarious antics you will every see. We call it chicken TV. The leaves being scratched from here to there, the game of rugby that ensues if a larger bug is found, and the general commotion are great fun and entirely enjoyable. Back in the summer we did the same with our grass clippings. I personally wouldn’t trade any of that time for any amount of any “real” TV.