Chicken coop cleaning, done!

The planned activities for our chicken coop went without trouble today. I was able to get the old straw replaced in the laying boxes. The old straw went into the compost bin. We try to keep the old straw out of the run so the hens aren’t tempted to lay anywhere other than their laying boxes. I raked about 75 percent of the old shavings from the floor of the coop out into the run.

This mound of shavings was then spread out and covered with leaves raked from the yard to build up material on the run floor. This definitely does a great job of absorbing rain and attracting insects for the chickens to forage. This then got a good sprinkling of scratch grains so the chickens could do their part and mix it all up. If we did not have more to do afterward, it would have been a good time for some Chicken TV.

In previous posts I have discussed how we constructed our own chicken coop and run setup. This was definitely something new for me, as up until a few years ago I had never had raised chickens. The gentleman who gave me my original birds was a wealth of knowledge during the first few months, but as time went on, I found myself wanting more and more information about my flock. The internet is a valuable resource, but I definitely prefer print as it is very much more portable in my area. One of the best resources I have found is

    Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens.

This book has a vast amount of knowledge for most every person wanting to raise chickens. It covers all stages of your chickens’ lives from incubating, brooding, and on into their later years, when they either become aged or go in the fryer. My copy was a gift from a coworker but I would recommend this book to anybody interested in starting their first flock.