About Us

The Krafty Keebs Homestead is currently a one and a half acre slice of paradise. My wife and I were married in August of 2005 and purchased this property as our first home in 2006. We have not always considered ourselves searching for a self sufficient lifestyle. We too were once part of the masses that seek materialistic goals and lead a disposable consumer lifestyle. When our debt to income ratio reached critical levels, we discussed our options and realized it was time for a change. We chose to stop buying into idea of having what you want, and now live wanting what we have.

We have spent the last 3 years working on our property, trying to create a simple but comfortable life. Although we do have an ultimate goal of moving to the Northwest, we are going to make our lives as best as we can where we are. We share our home currently with 4 cats and started our livestock with chickens. With 13 hens and a rooster at the moment, that flock is sure to grow. We garden every year and collect fruit off our property for preserves.

In addition to our full time jobs in the long term healthcare field, we have a home business in handmade soaps and feed sack totes, and are looking at expanding into other areas with products. Rabbits for meat and food are on the horizon and after a few more projects on the property we may be looking at a few goats.

Thank you for joining us! We hope your visit here is entertaining as well as informative. Please subscribe so that you don’t miss anything on the homestead. Also, feel free to comment or contact us with questions.